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Edward Robinson

Edward Robinson comes to the committee following the resignation of his father David. Edward now manages Image Gallery, a family owned business based in Auckland which started life some 35 years ago. Image Gallery provides a range of design-led greeting cards, stationery and giftware.
After completing a Bachelor of Commerce at Auckland University in Marketing and Management, Edward spent time working in the UK and Australia before returning to New Zealand to join the family business.
Edward and his wife Sharon, formerly a wholesale jewellery exhibitor at the gift shows, have four children.
In 2014 Image Gallery began a new chapter in their already successful story, orchestrated by Edward, Image Gallery secured the distributorship and customers of Hallmark Cards in New Zealand. Hallmark Cards are the largest greeting card and gift packaging company in the world. This is an exciting and busy time for all at Image Gallery and opens new relationships with New Zealand's largest retailers.
Recognising the constant state of flux across both the retail and wholesale sectors, Edward knows carefully managing and navigating the right next step has become the key to success.

Edward and his team are proud to be part of a 100% Kiwi owned and operated company and as an NZGTA committee member, Edward will continue to provide representation and support for members across the gift, book, florist and pharmacy industry sectors.


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