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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The committee is a select group of people who provide strategic direction and represent a wide spectrum of category importers, manufacturers and distributors, covering a diverse geographic base. Not only qualified through their length of time and experience in the industry but also a passion for their chosen sectors.

The profiles for each of the committee members provide a brief acknowledgement of their first-hand experience in the industry, understanding of the trials during the early days and progressive journey of learning and adaption of their business models.
It is from these experiences that the committee can relate to the daily challenges NZGTA members face, regardless of the business size, so are well placed to assist in identifying improvements, trends, techniques and methods of sustainability to ensure longevity for the Gift Fair industry.

The committee is also fortunate to have the founding members available to provide guidance and instil their knowledge where required.
As a group, the committee discusses and reviews current issues and also share their knowledge toward achieving best practice for the industry.

The committee prudently manages membership funds, allocating spend to subsidise networking evenings, car parking, visitor incentives at NZ Gift Fairs.

In brief, an overview of the topics discussed and reviewed by the committee are:
  • Issues members can lobby or raise affecting the industry
  • Best practice and outcomes
  • Tools that encourage trade, regardless of size or location of a business, i.e. online trading
  • Build membership benefits
    •  identify specific or key benefits to ensure largest possible uptake by members
  • Economic & legislative issues for the industry
  • Category trading trends
  • International trends
    • delivery of product via shipping channels
    • quality of products
  • State of NZ retail
    • buying trends
    • payment options/preferences

Introducing the Executive Committee...

  2014 updated committee photos 028(copy)(copy)  
2014 updated committee photos 103(copy)(copy)
  Jerome Fill1(copy)  
Bill Spillane (Founding Member)
Bill is a founding member and previously chairman of the executive committee for over 25 years.
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Brent Spillane (Chairman)
Brent Spillane,has served on the committee as the Gift Fair organiser before accepting the role of NZGTA Chairman in 2014, replacing his father, Bill Spillane when he stepped down from the role.
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Jerome joined the executive committee in 2009, replacing Kevin Hanlon from Parnell Agencies
      Peter Hampton1(copy)   Ivan Wei Yu1(copy)  
Peter Hampton of Waxglo House Ltd joined the committee in 2013.
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Ivan Wei Yu
Ivan an owner of Kiwicraft Wholesale Ltd joined the committee in 2013
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Andrea Coleman Photo-993
Edward Robinson - Headshot 2 -  resized
Andrea Coleman
Andrea Coleman is a director of Rogers Distribution, a manufacturer/distributor of their own branded goods, private label and international brands
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Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson from Image Gallery  replaces his father, David Robinson
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Stephanie  grew up in the family business which was started by her parents Ted and Barbara Lonergan.
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Life Members

  Michael Kitt(copy)   N-lindsaywalkinshaw       N-Kevin Hanlon 2 8(copy)  
  Michael Kitt (Founding Member)
Celebrity Imports Ltd
Executive Committee Member
1994 - 2010

  Lindsay Walkinshaw (Life Member)
Lindsay Walkinshaw Ltd
Executive Committee Member
1994 - 2007

  Kevin Hanlon (Life Member)
    Parnell Agencies Ltd
Executive Committee Member
            1994 - 2009

  N-Steven(copy)   N-Colin Rickard1(copy)       John Stewart-headshot(copy)  
  Steve Thornton (Life Member)
Lindsay Walkinshaw Ltd
Executive Committee Member
2007 - 2012

  Colin Rickard (Life member)
Creative Collections Ltd
Executive Committee Member
2010 - 2012

    John Stewart (Life Member)
Stewarts Sales and Service Ltd
  Executive Committee Member
               1999 - 2013

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  Dave Archbold1(copy)(copy)(copy)   David Robinson - Headshot 2 - resized(copy)   Brian Dick2(copy)(copy)  
  David Archbold  (Life Member)
Flower Systems 
Executive Committee Member
2011 -  2014
David Robinson (Life Member)
Image Gallery
Executive Committee Member

1998 - 2014

 Brian Dick (Life Member)
        Toucan Territory
Executive Committee Member
             1999 - 2014

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