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Ivan Wei Yu

Ivan Wei Yu recently joined the NZGTA committee in 2013 and through his business experience represents both Kiwiana and the fashion jewellery sectors.

Kiwicraft was established in 2005 by Carol and Ivan, born from their love for fashion and New Zealand culture. In order for the business to remain at the forefront of the industry in New Zealand they travel worldwide several times a year, keeping them well informed and up to date on trends and understand how the market is shaping.

Ivan has his finger on the pulse, with wife Carol a designer herself, also one of the first to incorporate Kiwiana motifs into fashion jewellery.

The business provides a high quality and fashionable product with Ivan and Carol continually creating new designs to keep their product in demand. The business model is also backed by a team who are not only friendly but show strong customer focus, aiming at maintaining a loyal and growing customer base.

Following their first Gift Fair, they have grown from a home-based business to a team of 10, now located in central Auckland. They see Gift Fairs as such a great platform for a wholesale business to really connect with their customers.


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