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Peter Hampton

Peter Hampton is an original director of Waxglo House (1983) Ltd which has a history of family ownership spanning 31 years. Waxglo House is a Christchurch based manufacturer and importer of candles, glass/iron holders and paper products.
A strong supporter of the New Zealand Gift trade fairs, Peter has exhibited at all 3 fairs, each year for the past 30 years. During this time, Peter has seen a vast array of changes in the industry, and understands the need to adapt to ensure longevity and sustainability.
Peter enjoys the chance to talk face to face with both new and existing customers, finding this an important tool in understanding his customers business, trends and what is happening in the market.
The Gift Fairs continue to impress visitors with the standard of displays each season and Peter knows that buyers still like to touch and feel a product, so an inviting stand and great visual impact is very important, whether you are reintroducing stock items or promoting your new product ranges.

Elected to the committee in 2013, Peter is currently the only committee representative from the South Island, so is a key to providing insight and balance towards a national perspective on behalf of members.

With Waxglo House being a relatively small business in number of personnel, they attribute some of their success to date to the wealth of knowledge they possess, industry presence along with also being known for their traditional South Island friendliness.


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