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2015 Autumn Gift Fair Retailer Travel Prize Winner

Congratulations to the Autumn Gift Visitor Prize Winner - Andrea Johnson of Presentz in Grey Lynn, Auckland

Andrea Johnson - Presentz-60
A trip for two to Beautiful Byron Bay

Never having won anything before Andrea was thrilled to receive news that she had won the fabulous trip to Byron Bay, saying it’s not often that you get a chance as a sole trader of a busy wee store to leave town!

Andrea is the owner/operator of a small shop called Presentz, located in Grey Lynn in the West Lynn “Village”. Admitting that the journey can be challenging and quite overwhelming as a sole trader; it can equally be a buzz and bring a lot of joy.
Having owned Presentz for almost 13 years, Andrea says it’s been a time of transformation, with heaps of growth.  Really treasuring the area, Andrea’s customers have a genuine appreciation and loyalty toward their local shops.  This support is fundamental the business’s success and is gratefully received. Andrea finds it is super rewarding being a local store and acknowledges that she is really privileged to know the many wonderful people in the community. 

Andrea has two daughters Agnes and Nell (10 + 6 years), great gals who are very adept at test-driving the many products that enter the store and notes: This is not always helpful!

The aim for Andrea is to solve people’s gift-giving dilemmas, so a little of everything can be found at Presentz.  These include locally sourced designer goods and colourful interesting one-off pieces.  Presentz quickly became a brilliant shop for “emergency gifts” and general “quirk”.  Providing friendly face-to-face service for customers, this is complimented by superb gift-wrapping. People often comment (at least daily) on the wonderful aroma in the shop created by the scented giftware! 

While trying to keep an eye on all the factors that can have an impact on her store, Andrea knows that she needs to try and keep the over-all focus on the big picture. Her achievements to date have been realized through smart buying and staffing decisions, paying suppliers on time and providing excellence in customer service.

Inspiration on a daily basis for Andrea is from her customers, acknowledging the amazing ideas and energy you receive from people whether they just come in for a chat and see what’s new or for that special purchase and share their story.

Key aspects in running a successful business are; customers being number one followed by looking after suppliers who provide great service and advice which Andrea values highly.

Having the opportunity to meet her suppliers all in one spot at the Gift Fair is of great benefit and Andrea really enjoys being able to make a lot of decisions in one busy, foot-aching but ultimately fulfilling, day. 

Happy with her business there are no plans to expand right now, though never say never, Andrea says “Maybe I’ll open a shop in Byron Bay!”


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