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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


To:      ensure that all member companies of the NZ Gift Trade Association Inc. run their affairs in a decent and ethical manner, are committed
to fair trading practices and recognise their responsibilities towards their customers and their employees
To:      formalise a decent and honest way of conducting business within the Gift, Housewares, Stationery and Toy Industries
in New Zealand
To:      provide confidence to Retailers, in their dealings with members of the NZ Gift Trade Association Inc
To:      develop a Code of Ethics that is synonymous with quality and reliability

Members are Reasonably Requested To:

  1. Provide clearly stated Terms and Conditions of Trade to all customers, concerning the handling of their products and, at all times, make every endeavour to observe all such agreements.
  1. Publish in their catalogues, price lists, and/or invoices, their "Terms and Conditions of Trade", covering price changes, delivery periods, discounts, breakages, carriage on full and part deliveries, returns, etc.
  1. Ensure that all advertisements of their products conform with the Fair Trading Act 1986, the Commerce Act 1986, the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and any other appropriate legislation.
  1. Ensure that any personal information held in relation to their customers, is collected retained and used in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.
  1. Acquaint themselves and comply with Health and Safety legislation that affects products they sell.
  1. Not knowingly infringe copyright, design, or rights of other suppliers to the trade.
  1. Recognise the importance of good relations and effective communication with Sales Agents.
  1. Ensure that Sales Agents are conversant with their company's "Terms and Conditions of Trade", and have adequate information to well represent the reputation and interests of the member.
  1. Deal promptly, at an appropriate level of management, with complaints from customers.
  1. Offer independent arbitration when disputes arise with customers, which cannot be mutually settled, before proceeding to law.
  1. Ensure that their gift fair stands are properly manned by neatly dressed staff, are clean and tidy and that merchandise is well displayed.
  1. Not enter onto another member’s gift trade stand unless expressly invited by the stand owner.
  1. Not deliberately sell product direct from their gift fair stands, but rather enter into an order-for-later-delivery contract with retail customers at fairs.
  1. Be aware that this Code is in addition to all relevant legal obligations impacting on members, including The Commerce Act 1986 and the Fair Trading Act 1986.

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